The project Polar Bear Patrol is a documentary project. 

Our film team will visit different regions of the polar area. We will follow scientists, rangers and volunteers of the polar bear patrol and polar bear police. We will visit Svalbard, Greenland, Canada and Russia. In Siberia, we will document the work and life at the new nature reserve in Chukotka. We also plan to follow the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources on their fieldwork and the first counting of polar bears in Russia in history.

In 2021/2022 we are planing 5 expeditions in total. We are working close together with an international team of different companies and institutions.

Our team will work out the current situation of the polar bears, their habitat, and how people live close together with these fantastic animals. 

You can find updates and news on our Blog.

There, we will regularly keep you updated with our latest work and expeditions. 

This project is only possible because of our partner and supporter. 

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All pictures we used for this page are made by Matthew Studebaker