These are our partners and sponsors. 

We are proud to work with an international team of different companies and institutions to bring this project alive.

The WWF is an international NGO founded in 1961 that works in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

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Adopt a Polar Bear

We are working closely with the WWF team from Russia and Germany. 

They support us with insider information, planning and logistics. 

We are happy and proud to work with this engaged team!

Canon is a Japanese tech company, specialized in optical and imaging products like lenses and cameras. 
Canon is the largest camera manufacturer in the world.

The Canon Deutschland GmbH supports our team with the best equipment on the market. 

Our team will use Canon cameras and lenses on the expeditions in the arctic area. 

We are proud to have such a great company and team as partner!

deuter backpacks have accompanied outdoors fans on their adventures for the past 120+ years. It is deuter’s close collaboration with professional mountaineers, physicians and athletes that helps guide the development of new concepts and new products.

deuter supports our team with sleeping bags. 

Thanks to deuter, our team will have a good night's sleep and will be fit in the morning for the expeditions. 

Meindl is one of the few boot factories with proper production located in Germany. Meindl continuing a centuries-old tradition, because Meindl has made boots in Kirchanschöring for over 300 years.

Meindl equips our film team with hiking and winter shoes. 

We will always have a safe step with this partner. 

Samaya®is a french based tent company. Samaya places excellence and innovation at the heart of its development in order to offer high-performance objects that invite you to reconnect with the essential. 

Samaya will support our expeditions in the polar area with their excellent tents, made for the extreme. 

The Samaya tents will be a wonderful home for our time in the winter world. 

Tactical Foodpack produces food packs for expeditions, special forces and extreme sports athletes. 

They have award winning products and support international teams and athletes.

Tactical Foodpack supports our team with food for our expeditions and trips in the arctic area. 

Breakfast after a good night or a nice meal after a long day out in the arctic. We will be always full of energy !

Sonnenrepublik is an energy and solar company based in Berlin, Germany.  

Their focus is on innovative, high-quality and customizes products.

Thanks to Sonnenrepublik, we will never run out of energy. 

We will use the customize solar panels in our expeditions to backup our batteries and equipment.

Matthew Studebaker is a wildlife photographer from the US. 

He and his team providing photo tours in Alaska and parts of the US.

We were able to fill our webpage with the amazing photography of Matthew.